Each keepsake you order helps save a life

Fur Pearls donates funds to provide food and medical care for displaced animals due to any number of tragedies in their lives.

Fashion your pets fur into a wonderful keepsake to cherish for years to come.

A very  special story about a very special cat and his people

He made it against all odds

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What is a Fur Pearl?

There are no ordinary handfuls of fur here!  Each cherished handful of your pet’s fur is gently sculpted into a fine keepsake.

Wear a beautiful framed or free form pendant close to your heart or add a pendant of your pets fur to a custom portrait.

Fur Pearls are handcrafted by me, Melitta. I create these unique fur keepsakes one-by-one using fine quality materials, each sculpted by hand with hours of hand sanding and polishing.  Each Fur Pearl takes on a life of its own as the fur goes through the lengthy transformation resulting in a unique finish.

A Fur Pearl is a handful or a pinch of brushed fur felted into a ball or any shape.  It is hardened off and sanded by hand into most any shape you wish.  

Choose between customizing a necklace, bracelet, pendant, key chain, custom pet portrait or for the reading enthusiast, a lovely bookmark. 

Because you have a variety of ways to customize your keepsake, it will be like no other. 

These pet memorial keepsakes also make wonderful gifts for that pet lover family member or a friend in your life.

About Melitta

At the age of 4 I got my first pet, a duck.

From then on I was never without  a four legged friend.  This lead to 30 + years assisting hundreds of animals in need, which lead to being recognized "Volunteer of the Year" at LA County Animal Care and Control and a fabulous and rewarding career as a Professional Pet Sitter and transporter of dogs (mostly Great Danes) for rescue. 

Now as I reach my golden and best years of my life I have my husband, best friend and biggest fan of 33 years, Steve.  Two of the finest daughters in the world, Emily and Julie, a beautiful and gifted granddaughter, Loralie.

I have had many happy moments and some gut wrenching times in my animal life.  Sometimes there were not enough tears to make things right, but being a strong believer in the important role that our pets play in our lives I have stood side-by-side with my friends as they've said their last goodbye to their best friend.  So many people have nothing left of their pet but ashes in a box, if that. There must be a better way to have a joyful long lasting memory and have it created before their pet goes on to their next journey.

Now I make Fur Pearls  and give guidance and solace to ease people through the loss of their pets and give them the gift of their pet's spirit forever.

I still and will always protect animals and assist people in understanding the animals in their lives.

How Fur Pearls Began

From Pet Fur to Jewelry 

The story about my jewelry made from dog and cat fur begins innocently enough with pet fur all over the house all the time!  I would brush and brush and come away with the trash can full of fur.

One rainy, cold night sitting in front of our fireplace, warming my toes,  I was brushing our cat "Bob".  As I looked down there were mounds of fluffy, multi colored clouds of fur so soft I could barely feel them between my fingers.  I loved the feel of his fur between my hands and started to play with it.  How wonderful it would be to have something beautiful to be reminded us of our pets each day whether they are with us or not.
What happened next was a confluence of events: There were a few pets that shared their bounty of fur and me. I realize the importance of the bond between human and pet, and wish to help keep the bond strong. First came months of experimenting  and trying to find  a rich keepsake.  Make a jewel!
Pets and I became purrfect business partners—they supply the fur,  I create the Fur Pearls. 

Warmest Wishes,


A huge thanks and shout out to my good friends, Sharon,  Jim, Angie and Tom for their unwavering support. And to my family for putting up with me. Mostly to my husband Steve, for always encouraging me to push myself.


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Taft Linda043012 004
Melitta & Apricots 6-16 6-9-2016 10-54-40 AM
Melitta & Ralf Beach
Melitta & Cassie  Brown Working
Dog Rescue LLA 1-12-16 ID Photo
Feeding Area
Staging and makeshift kennel
Melitta Beach July 4 2015
Melitta Picture
Melitta dogs
Steve & Melitta 33rd Anniversary

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Delivery & Shipping

                                                         The "Fur Pearl" comes in its own gift box with ribbon and is ready for gift-giving. 

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Gift Wrapping

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Each piece is lovingly boxed and wrapped with a coordinating ribbon. A coordinating blank gift enclosure card is included with each piece if I am sending the item to you for you to give to someone else. If I am sending your gift to someone, I hand-write your message on the card. Please don't forget to let me know how to "sign" your name to the card after you provide your message in the Note to Seller box


Care Instructions

Please do not wear your jewelry to bed, while washing dishes, while taking a shower, while swimming in a lake, a pool, the ocean, during playtime/recreational activities ... Your piece will last for years to come if you treat it with kindness. Wipe with a slightly damp soft cloth. Do not allow your piece to soak in water or use any type of detergents.

All metal, except platinum and 14K gold, will tarnish. Metal will tarnish with sweat and perfume.  Use a pPlease do NOT use cleaning chemicals to remove tarnish from your piece.