Shepherd Hook 2   $35.00
Gold shepherds hook bookmark, Fur Pearl, Genuine Swarovski Crystal, beads, Love my cat/dog charm.
Shepherd Hook 2 $35.00
Gold shepherds hook bookmark, Fur Pearl, beautiful glass beads, gold chain.
BMChuck $35
Gold or silver shepherds hook bookmark, semi-precious beads, glass beads
Clamshell $35
Weave Of Love $45
Brass & Copper Weave Pendant1551b
Flower Bud $35
Silver Oval Triple Spiral pendant wire wrapped
Top Hat $35
Brass wire wrap pendant
BMTimber3326 $40
Bookmark Timber Dog & Bone Charm BMTimber3326
BMTimber3316 $40
Bookmark Glass beads, Mother of Pearl & nut shell seed beads
BM AngelCat $55
Necklace Bob0495 $40
Alaska Hunter 3331 $75
5 Fur Pearl bracelet. White ocean coral nuggets, sterling silver and five unique fur pearls made from the brushed fur of one or more of your pets. Your choice of coral colors. $91.75
Silver Dreams 042 $110
Beautiful sterling silver, pewter, semi-precious beads and genuine Swarovski crystals make this "Fur Pearl" bracelet the envy of all your pet friends.
Your choice of bead colors. $94.00
Sunshine $35
Beaded bookmark, semi-precious and glass beads
Satin ribbon Double sided 3mm,gold plated charms and beads $39
Non-Tarnish Gold Wire Beads0252
knotted,gold & glass beads041
Corded, Variety Silver Beads $35
Silver Dreams 043
Silver, Pewter, Semi-precious beads
BM,Chain,Angel Cat, Jasper0375
Bookmarkspearlribbon 002
Bookmarkspearlbead 017
BookmarksGrnpearl Knot 008
Necklace Bob0495
Bookmark Cooper3314 $39
BMRibbon,Charm,Gold0329 $39
Gold Wire Wrap, gold Charm0373 $35
Brace Cabo 008 $35
PeoplesBracelet093209 $35
Bookmark Beaded Wire Ribbon $35
Bookmarkspearlbead 017 $35
BookmarksGrnpearl Knot 008 $35
Wire Wrap Twig1024   $35
Twisted Gold Leaf Pend0024 $49
Silver Twisted Wire Wrap031  $35
pearlSolomanknotbook0182 $35
PearlRibbon0224 $35
PearlRibbon0223 $35
Pearl Corded Bookmark $35
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