Your Pendant is of solid pet fur (donated by your pet) that has been lovingly felted and hardened off to preserve its fine quality.  It is carefully carved to a free form design of your choice and sanded to a fine finish or inlayed in a beautiful pendant of your choice in Silver or Gold.

Simple Round FP $55.00

Carved Shapes & Wire Work $75.00

Bezel Pendants $60.00

Heart $75
Tree of Life Fur Pearl $75
Wolf Fetish $75
3 Strand Braid $75
Round Fur Pearl Pendant $55
Bezel Heart Pendant $60
Oval Gold Bezel Pendant $60
Silver Bezel Heart Pendant $60
Simple Round Fur Pearl $55
Tree of Life Wind $75
Twisted Wire Silver/Gold $75
German Shepard Dog Angel $75
Flat Fairy Pendant $55
chain additional
German Shepard Dog Angel $75
chain additional
Round gold pendant $55
chain additional
Wire Wrap Branch Fur Pearl $55
Gold Wire Wrap w/ charm $55
Wire Wrap Swirl $55
Wire Wrap Frame $75
Inlay Bezel Swirl Pendant $60
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Wire Wrap Branch Fur Pearl $55