Kathy Wells-Lancaster

February 25, 2016

I  was having this made for Mom before she passed away. She was an avid reader so I thought a book mark would be very nice for her memory. The black Fur Pearl was made out of "Mr. Bob's" fur, her favorite cat. I wish we could have gotten it done in time for Mom to see. She must have thought I was crazy when I asked her to brush her cat and give me the fur. I never told her what it was for. Just that it was special..... 

 This is my Lil Man. He was a sweet cat that survived horrible head trauma when he was a kitten.. He couldn't hear well and his eyesight was terrible but he managed to overcome those issues and lived a very full life to the age of 17.    He was my heart cat.  

I absolutely love Lil Man's  pendant! Thank you so very much. It truly is a work of art and it picked up his colors beautifully.  

 Laurie      Dec 3, 2015

 I'm Cayanne. I live with Ellen Paiva  at 

Broken Arrow Dog Training Facility in Lancaster Calif.  

This is my personal FP pendant.


 I am a Great Pyrenees and my name is  Annie.

I went on to my new life's journey at the beautiful age of 12 years.

My mom  "Robin" is of Native American Indian heritage and I wanted to honor her and bring her peace and happiness with my

Zuni Wolf Fetish.


Pets and Pearls


You may be surprised at the color of the finished Fur Pearl. The color of the finished Pearl may look completely different than the color of the dog due to factors such as undercoat shades and different colors in the coat blending during the pearling process.  Many times black fur will result with a brown or gray pearl, or white may show a yellow or gray tinge.  This is all normal. For example, our dog Cooper was a Rottweiler (brown and black with gray undercoat) and his Pearl turned out to be the most beautiful silver grey swirl with black hairs.

Each piece is gently and respectfully created from your pet's fur.

Dugan came into our life as my first foster dog, I failed. Dugan immediately became a part of the family when he came straight in the door and put his head in my husbands' lap. My husband said I want him to stay forever.

Dugan was a very sweet and gentle boy. He loved everyone and everyone loved him.

Melitta was our pet sitter. On one visit when she was brushing Dugan she saved his hair. She made a heart from his hair and gave it to me. Now that he has crossed over I am so glad I will always have it as a remembrance of our sweet boy.

Love You Dugan

Sharon Bunch Dec 9,2016

Stacey Lamothe Art with Fur Pearls & Memories and Melitta Duncan in Grass Valley, California.

March 2017

Look what I just got in the mail! Melitta Duncan of Fur Pearls & Memories made the heart charm from some of Wilson's hair. AND the box was packed with so much "ruv"! There was a little doggie charm and a "made with love" charm neatly tied in the ribbon on the outside of the box. So sweet Melitta. Wilson is an old dude so someday (sooner than I care to acknowledge) I will need this talisman for comfort.

Thank you so much! Sincerest Wags, Stacey 

RIP Wilson. October 13, 2017

You will be sadly missed but you will be hugs each and every day

in our hearts

Rachel McCammon

Apr 17,2017

Hi Melitta, 

I received Cricket's bracelet today and I LOVE it!! The little charms, her precious hair, even the ribbon around the package saying made with love. I will treasure it forever. Thank you so, so very much!! 

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