"Chucky Shines Rescue Jewels"

We are able to bring to you a very special necklace because a loving and sweet dog or cat donated to me some of their fur. I am able to make this beautiful necklace of fur and Silver and donate 30% of each item purchased from the selections on this page to animal rescue.

This page is dedicated solely for the support of animal rescues that bring comfort and relief to homeless animals.  Each item is a jewel made from a rescue pet that has donated a little of their brushed fur.
Remember -  for each item you purchase you are giving hope and comfort to a lonely animal simply wanting to belong and be loved.

All funds are pooled for the rescue that has that particular animal.

Chucky's Rescue Story. 

It was sweltering hot summer day in Rosamond California, a small town in the Mojave Desert. The middle of the summer is not a hospitable place for a dog to be wandering with the temperature over 110 degrees. This small town had a shopping strip mall with a grocery store, and other small shops including a beauty salon.  A mangy, dirty, skinny dog frequented the area. He would say hello to everyone driving in with a hearty tail wag, but there was no one to take him home and love him.  The ladies at the beauty salon gave him an occasional treat, but his bones showed through his skin. I drove up one day and saw this mangy skinny dog. He came to greet me and when I open the car door he jumped in.  His tail wagged so hard he nearly fell off the seat!  I asked around and even posted signs trying to find his owner, but no luck so I took him home with me.  All was done to try to find his owner, but had no luck.  We put weigh on him and treated a severe ear infection that took several months to heal.

This was 13 years ago and he is now about 15 years old and so healthy the vet could not believe his age!​

I'm telling this story because there are Chucky’s everywhere that suffer greatly without a loving home.  If it weren't for animal rescues and people that care enough to bring them into their families they would suffer terribly. 


"Chucky Shines"

1.25 inch hand made Rescue Fur Pearl with 20" sterling silver cable chain and sterling silver twisted ring.


          CHUCKY                               CHUCKY'S FUR PEARL

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