A very  special story about a very special cat and his people

He made it against all odds

Frost’s Story...thus far...


This photo is of Frost, when I first met him....at LAX April 10, 2017, after his 16+hour flight from South Korea to Los Angeles, CA. He was rescued from a closeddown dog meat farm, where a Volunteer, my Sister, with Nami Kim’ s ‘Save Korean Dogs’, found him injured and covered in fleas. I am his care-giver for his current journey in CA. He would like to share his story, so from this point forward....it is HIS story.

“My rescuer, a pretty blond lady (the ONLY blond lady I had ever seen), fed my buddies and I, a few times at the awful place I used to live in an area of a place everyone calls ‘South Korea’.

We fur balls, don’t have names for places, we just make ourselves comfortable anywhere if possible. It was NOT comfortable at all where I used to live. We ate leftovers and caught mice. When the blond lady showed up...she brought tasty treats and we scarfed them up! She was gentle and nice..no one had been like that before.

At that awful place we lived, life was very noisy and I heard the dogs barking, screaming and crying a lot. They did not sound like they were happy, instead they sounded frightened and very hurt. For some reason, I was tied to a pole, therefore I could not run around and play with my buddies. There was not much to lay on that was comfortable or warm. During the summers it was hot, the sun beating down, no real shelter. When it rained, it was so wet, miserable and awful. I certainly wanted to get away and find a nicer place.

One day, I tried to do just that....get loose to find something nicer, instead I became terribly entangled with the jagged pole. I struggled and struggled, I was frightened, I couldn’t breathe, the pole cut me, I became even more frightened. My throat hurt, my side hurt....I squirmed and squirmed, finally the collar slipped off. I ran as fast as I could, then hid. The collar and tether still connected to that awful pole, but I was FREE, thankfully. My throat hurt and my side hurt.

Awhile later, the Blond One showed up....she looked very concerned as she stared at the pole and empty collar hanging up much too high for me to stand. She looked around, but did not see me, I was still hiding, real well. (She told me later, she thought I had died.....NOPE !)

While looking very concerned and sad, ...she put down food for my buddies...I heard the telltale sounds of FOOD, not being able to resist, I flew out to her...THANK YOU ! She looked at me shocked and picked me up. She hugged me so tight....for the very first time in my life.....I knew what it was like to have someone care. I liked it.

She did not set me back down.....instead she put me in her car and off we went together. Next thing I knew, she was rushing me into a building holding.. So many new smells, sounds. What was this place??

Over the next few days, I was shaved, anesthetized, neutered (!), had my wounds cleaned, medicated and sutured. I turned a weird color....but felt SO much better !! They said I had fleas....perhaps that is what made me so itchy. Happily I was clean, the itchy nonsense stopped and I no longer hurt.

BEST OF ALL...I got real, regular meals, out of a dish, not off the ground! Tasty food made JUST for us cats .... WOW.

The Blond One, named me ‘Frost’....guess ‘cause I am pure white !?

My adventures were just beginning though, as the next thing I knew I was in a cage, with a special hanging water dish, all sorts of people said ‘Goodbye’, and I went to a VERY large and noisy place people call an airport. Yep....I was going to be an international traveler they said.

About 16 hours later, after riding in a huge contraption called an ‘airplane’, I was whisked off and into a large building. I heard people saying United States and a place called California....no clue what that means, but I was looking forward to a new adventure ! Next, a very happy looking woman met me, she seemed to know ME, but I had no clue who SHE was. Friendly enough, she and this guy, carried me to a car.....let me out of the carrier in the back seat ....and IMMEDIATELY won me over when she opened a can of this stuff called Friskies can cat food !! Whoaaaaaaa...boy did I scarf that down before she changed her mind.

She put me into a larger carrier with a box in which I could relieve myself after the long trip. In about 1 hour we were at her house. So many new things. I was just chillin’ along, enjoying a totally different life !

For a few days this lady put me into a very large cage with soft blankets, my own bowls for food and clean water. I kept that food bowl licked clean !! She said this way the other cats living with her could safely get used to my smell and I to theirs. Everything was good....I soon was sharing a huge room with 2 windows, a large couch and all sorts of things to climb on, hide in, behind and crawl into. NEAT. A cat’s dream. All this was INSIDE, no more rain pouring on me, no more sun beating on me (unless I wanted to lay in the warm sun), NO MORE POLE !!! I was warm and most importantly, I felt safe, and my tummy was always full. These new buddies, snuggled, cleaned my head and shared their Mom, The Lady, with me.

Although the new lady is OK, I wondered sometimes, where the Blond One was though....the one who saved me.

Lo and Behold....one day she was THERE....she came to visit! I sat in her lap and as best I could, thanked her for saving me. I purrrred and brushed my head up against her face. She could not stay, though. She came to visit one other time, too, but told me she had to leave me safely where I was, because she was moving, it would not be safe to take me along at this time.

At some point a little later, my ears started itching and bothering me, a lot. The Lady took me to a new vet who checked and swabbed them. As it turned out, I had 2 types of infections in the right ear and 1 type in the left. The Lady medicated my ears 2 times a day...I allowed her to....after all...she kept the food bowl FULL, but I would have preferred to NOT deal with the nonsense.

My ears did feel better for awhile, but then the right one started bleeding. The Lady was concerned... she did not like that much. She cleaned off my fur and we went back to the vet. More medications for my right ear. She did finally stopped messing with my left ear. Thank heavens.

The problems wouldn’t stop, though. I had to visit a different vet, this one gave some medication in her office to make me sleepy, she then looked deep into my ear and found what she called a ‘polyp’ and promptly removed it. WHATever that is....my ear felt better after it was out. Supposedly, she found one in the left ear, too. I was sleepy, so that is all I know about that.

Unfortunately, from that point on, I was in the vet office about once a month, they messed with my right ear again and again, but it just kept bothering me. At first, I did not let it get me down, I had my first ‘Christmas’....have NO idea what that is either, but I got treats, a silly thing called a ‘stocking’ I cannot wear, but it has my name on it. Best of all.... I got the softest red bed anyone can imagine. I snuggled down in that bed ....oh my, did I snuggle in my new bed !!

The Lady also got me something called a ‘Kitty Holster’...it wraps around my neck and my chubby tummy, she has a long string attached to it.....after she got it on me she took me outside for what she calls a ‘walk’. She allowed me to wander on my own (although she had a hold of the long ‘string’), WOW, did I have a blast. There was different smelling dirt, not like ‘South Korea’ at all....some new plants, trees and some bamboo, too. This was fun !

My ear problem though, really started bothering me, it wasn’t just my ear....it was deeper. Although I still liked to eat, I just didn’t have the same gusto for it anymore. I was hiding in my bed more, not interacting much with my roommates.

The Lady was worried...one time at the vet office, she and the Vet spoke of cancer. I don’t know what that is, but if that is what was bothering my head/ear, I do not like it. I want it to go away. Soon, it even bothered me to have the lady pet my head, I just wanted them to STOP messing with my ear and head !!

I did not get mad, though, I knew by now, whatever they did ....they were trying to help. None of it felt good.

There was a a lot of talking between them and one day I went into the Vet office very early, The Lady kissed me, ‘prayed’ for me, then left me there. I waited and waited ...for what I did not know. Finally, they took me out of the cage, checked me thoroughly, took some blood with a needle, then took a special photo of my head called an X-ray. After awhile, a ‘special’ Vet arrived and he and my regular Vet talked a lot. Soon a needle was inserted in my leg with a tube connected.....I faded off to sleep.

When I woke up, I felt sooooo strange. At first I couldn’t stand, I was wobbly, but thankfully that quickly improved. However... I had this stupid plastic thing on my head. They call it a ‘cone’, UGH. I call it a nuisance !! Eating and drinking was a major problem. The ‘cone’ just scooped everything up. I was a bit frustrated. I did however manage to EAT. I am good at that. Also, I noticed, have had to get used to the fact I no longer hear from my right side. It has been confusing. They said that was going to happen with this ‘surgery’.

From what I gather, though....what the special Vet, (they called him a ‘surgeon’), found when he performed the ‘surgery’ in my ear / head area to remove this ‘cancer’ stuff, it was bad, worse than ever expected, so it could not all be removed. It has been there a long time....before I left the place called South Korea. “It will continue to grow...hopefully slowly,” I heard.

I do not understand all this stuff the people are saying, talking about....I just do what I can to be comfortable and enjoy each day.

For the past month since my ‘surgery’....things have changed a lot for me. My mouth has been so painful at times, that I have not been able to do what I love best...EAT. They have given me lots of stuff with needles...they call them steroids, antibiotics and pain ‘shots’. The needles don’t bother me much. Have heard them talk about how fast it is growing, how sad they are.

What does that mean ???

These shots have helped, finally, a LOT in this past week and I have been able to eat tuna and can cat food again, yum yum..oh YUM! The Lady takes me on lots of walks...we have been to 3 different places she calls ‘parks’ and we walk in her yard, both front and back. In the front, she allows me to walk without the ‘harness’, tall fence keeps me off the street. In the back of the house...much more area to cover, she makes me wear the harness....but it is comfy, I don’t mind. I scratch on tree limbs, sniff all over where the dogs have roamed, listen to the birds and watch the dogs across the street or in the other yards.

At night, The Lady and I snuggle in her bed as she goes to sleep and while she is trying to sleep. She does NOT seem to mind, though, she always rubs me and kisses me ! I lay on her chest or on top of her face to be as close as possible, sometimes we are face to face, nose to nose. I love to purr and she pets and pets me. I am very happy. I talk to her a lot and look forward to the food she brings me.

So you are up to date on my journey--it continues...hopefully for a long time--I like it here ! SO much nicer than my previous life.

The Lady, keeps telling me my ‘Mom’ loves me very much, misses me terribly...I think that must be the Blond One, who rescued me....The Lady told me ‘Mom’ is coming in a few days to see me !! Am anxious to show her my ‘harness’, red bed, and my new haircut I got for ‘surgery’ day ! Hopefully, we can go to one of the ‘parks’ for a walk...I liked the river bed especially !

Love Frost”

Frost was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, of the right ear, Dec 2017. His surgery Feb 12, 2018, was to remove the ear canal, which we thought was the only affected area...unfortunately it was not. The cancer had STARTED in the skull/tissue area, was then coming out the ear canal. The surgeon was unable to remove it all. It is growing quickly, our precious time with Frost is limited, we are fighting a battle we will eventually lose.

Right now, though ...we are holding it off.

Most likely, the SCC started because he is white and was subjected to constantly being in the sun and weather in South Korea. He is between 6-10 yrs old, not real sure, exactly. He is currently doing well after a 2.5 week roller coaster of eating/not eating/eating/not eating. The longest he went was 6 days of no food....however was still snuggling, enjoying his walks, etc.. We are completely UNable to syringe feed due to the TM Joint being affected by the SCC, causing the pain. So we have done the steroids to allow him comfort and to enjoy what he loves best...FOOD !

Please enjoy the posts....me, The Lady, adores this boy and wants to share him with everyone else !! My sister, the Blond One, his rescuer...is due in CA within a few days to visit her fluffy white boy !

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